Flipping Through Keys

In the camera view u can take the little red mark above the timeline and scrub through the timeline to get a sense of your animation like animators do on paper, but in the drawing view you cant do that. Am i wrong?

Also another question about onion skinning. I love the way it works in toonboom 4.5 red for previous, green for future frames. No matter what color your lines are the onion skin is easy to see. Well, I change the onionskin colors in Animate to match Toonboom but it doesnt really show a difference. I always get the same affect. I cant see much red no matter how saturated the color i choose, its always just a lower opacity version of the line color i used or a slightly reder version. Onion skinning now its so hard to see what im drawing with it on. Please help.

Actually i have one more question, how come in camera view there is a zoom feature at the bottom left of the window but in drawing view it vanishes? Doesnt seem like drawing view has any benefits at all.

-It is normal that Time Line cursor does not apply to Drawing view since it is different field. You can all do it in the Camera view. IF you need to do it in drawing view, you can use the shortcut (F and G by default if you are using Digital Pro and Harmony shortcut. Check the shortcut from the Preferences>Shortcuts>General Category (go previous drawing and go next drawing).

-You can change the value of Max/Min Wash value and Opacity from Preferences>Drawing tab. You may need to restart Animate to apply changes.

-You are right I think it can be a feature request. In the mean time, try zoom shortcut (1 or 2 if you are using Harmony/Digital Pro shortcut by default)

If you want the onion skin to be red and green turn off the Real-time Antialiasing. It’s in Preferences> OpenGl tab.