Flipping the best way

I comes from traditional animation with flipping papers.
I hve tested different software and TV paint for example have a very good way of flipping your drawings in the working process.

Flipping is not to play all the drawings, its more flipping through the images closes to the one you work with. I think you understand.

I have not found a good way to flip drawing in toonboom animate.

How do you do?
What is the best way to do this?

/ Mattias

Animate Pro / Harmony 12 have an “Easy Flipping Slider”
The further you move the slider to the left or right, the faster the drawings will flip.

Ok, And you flip by pressing the arrows I guess in that toolbar.

And if you want to flip the current and 4 previoust frames to see the movme you have to mark them as flipkeys or something.
Is there no function where you can flip current and previous 4. Otherwise it would be difficult to get a flow in the fliping process.

/ Mattias

Not that I know of…?
Apart from dragging through the Timeline…

I cant really understand how to use this slidebar the best. Cant make it flip any of my drawings besides showing last and next drawing and that you can use the keys F and G for.
Any good tips how it works best?

The “Easy Flipping Slider” works only in “Drawing View”.

Thanks Nolan,
Now I see. It looks good. I will test it.

Can you assign a key do this so you hit a key and it will play once or twice?
Or maybe there is a script you kan make?

/ Mattias