Flipping templates

Basically I have a sequence of animation that I would like to use again, but in the second sequence I would like to flip the series of cells so they are facing the other way.

The sequence involves multiple elements, and I saved it as a template. When I drag the template back on to the timeline though, I can’t flip it horizontally without making all of the other cells of the element flip as well. This is so easy to do in Flash when you create a sequence as a symbol, so I would’ve thought there would be an equally straightforward way in Toon Boom, but after searching extensively I just haven’t got a clue how to do what seems like should be a basic thing. Can anyone help?

Don’t do the flipping using the Scene Select tool (6) or by using a Properties panel value. Instead use the Scene Transform tool (7) by grabbing one of the handles and dragging 180 degrees across the bounding box. The Transform tool does the “flip” as keyframes while the Select tool or the Properties panel does a global setting applied to the entire element track for the entire scene. -JK

Thanks for the reply JK. I tried out doing it with the transform tool, but it still does the same thing. When I flip it, it automatically changes the cells in the element. I edited the template as well to face it the other way, but it still affected the cells in the timeline when I dragged it in…

I’m curious as to exactly what you are doing. Did you have any other keyframes on that element track before you added the section of frames from your template? The only way a transform keyframe inserted in the middle of a track can effect the previous frames is if it is the first keyframe on the track. The way to stop that from happening is to always have an initializing keyframe set on frame 1 of your track. Then if you add your template in at say frame 20 for example, and flip it with a transform keyframe it will not effect frames 1 -19 at all. It will flip everything from 20 forward at least until you add another transform keyframe to flip things the other direction further upstream but it won’t effect the frames in front of 20 because they are controlled by the keyframe at frame 1 in this example. -JK

Ahh yes, I had to put in a keyframe at the start, and one just before the new one and it worked. Thanks JK. :slight_smile: