Flipping Horizontally

I am looking for a quick way to edit an image.

My client wants me to flip a few shots so that the scene is reversed. Not a problem… in Photoshop. Just “Flip Image Horizontally”.
But in SB Pro, I’ll have to edit each layer and scale it to be reversed, making sure backgrounds match on each panel. And also dealing with transformations and camera moves.

Please tell me there’s an easy way to do this!

  • Tim

Ha! I figured it out myself! I never saw the menu choice under “Tools”: “Flip Selection Horizontally”. If I choose all the layers in a panel, the simple keyboard shortcut, Option+H, does what I need in a wink!
Unfortunately, if I have any sort of transformation or camera move, I have to revers that by hand. (Unless someone knows of a shortcut for that, too!)

Hi, BaldMelon,
That’s great to hear that you figured it out.
But unfortunately we don’t have a option to flip the transformation or camera move in Storyboard Pro.
You should manually fix it.