Flipping Horizontally

I am looking for a quick way to edit an image.

My client wants me to flip a few shots so that the scene is reversed. Not a problem… in Photoshop. Just “Flip Image Horizontally”.
But in SB Pro, I’ll have to edit each layer and scale it to be reversed, making sure backgrounds match on each panel. And also dealing with transformations and camera moves.

Please tell me there’s an easy way to do this!

  • Tim

Hi BaldMelon

Just select the layer and go to the top menu -Tools - Flip Selection Horizontally. If you want to flip many layers at the same time just select them and do as described above. This will not flip the camera moves.
But you can of course slide the camera keyframes to opposite sides of the panel.To do this you should enlarge the timeline by having it highlighted( red bounding box) and press 2 a couple of times. This will make this work easier and more precise.
When it comes to layer transformation you can use either use (from top menu -Layer) -Copy Layer Start Position fFrom End Position, or -Copy Layer End Position From Start Position and then reset the other position manually.

Best regards

Thank you! I found the Flip Selection Horizintally (Keyboard shortcut Option+H), but was manually changing the camera moves. I should’ve thought about sliding the keyframes.
That transformation shortcut should prove to be very helpful, too!
Many thanx!

  • Tim