Flipping character horizontal

I recently just stored my character as a template. (stick figure practice)

Now the problem I have is: My character can be animated and look a certain way, but when I try to flip the character horizontal all the parts come apart.

How can I flip my character horizontal with the bone structutre and kinematics flipping with him?

say a character is running one way, how can i get them to turn around without losing control of my manipulators?


I have to say that my flip points somehow ended up scattered around when making the character.

Hopefully someone has knowledge.

Basically how are you guys flipping your character in the 3q view while keeping your articulations?

-Im using harmony and I saw in the videos you can flip a character but it brings all the pivot points. I just cant flip the deformation links I made when I flip the 3q view or side view.

Try adding an additional parent peg to the character and all its parts, and then apply the flip to that parent peg.