Flipping an entire layer by accident

Hello, I’m animating in multiple layers, and sometimes while I’m doing drawings in one, when I check the drawings I did, they are all flipped vertically. Just in that one layer. I guess I’m pressing some button by accident, but I don’t know wich one and it’s really annoying to go change each frame manually.

Anyone knows what I migth be pressing by accident? Or how to fix it in all the layers? I tried “affect all layers” and transform and it doesn’t work

This can happen if there is a negative value in the Y axis Scale of the layer or peg.

Also sometimes if you use the selection box and pull one corner over its opposite (top/bottom),
the drawing flips horizontally - however you would see this result immediately so it’s less likely
to be the cause.

No idea how I managed to change that one honestly, I think I didnt touch anything about that unless I did on accident.

But no, it just happend when I flip or change layers :frowning: it really works like the mirror button, just with a layer, and I don’t know where the button to constantly change it works. Because even when I select everything and click “transform drawing: flip vertically” it just does on one layer