Flipping a peg makes the pivot point go haywire

Many of my elements are drawn with a specific left or right direction in mind. Instead of drawing two versions of the same thing, I peg a group of elements and keyframe two consecutive frames. On the second of the two keyframes when I flip the peg the elements all correctly flip as well, but for some reason the pivot point for the peg goes way off into no-man’s land.

Am I doing something improperly? Do I have to flip each peg’s elements individually? Yuck, if that’s the case.

I tried to follow what you said you did. I created two elements with one cell each with a drawing object facing right. I extend the exposure for each cell for 5 frames. I attached the two elements to a common peg. I set the transform tool active and set a keyframe on frame 1 of the common peg. I moved frames to frame 2 and set a second keyframe. Then I grab the center handle of the transform bounding box and pull it across the box from right to left to flip the direction of the pegged objects. They are now facing to the left. The pivot point never moved relative to the objects. I did it with the peg collapsed and not collapsed and I did it with the peg’s pivot point set to different starting positions using the rotation tool before I did the other keyframing. No movement of the pivot point. Now the location of the pivot points for the elements attached to the peg are shifted because the object is flipped in orientation and the pivot point is relative to the original orientation but every thing is still relative to the way the pivot points were set. I don’t know if this helps you determine if you have injected something more into the process or not but everything worked as expected. -JK

After reading your results I thought perhaps it was something I was doing. It sounds like you did exactly what I did.

So I tried to do what you did, but it did not work. Here’s a short 1 minute movie showing what’s happening.

I also tried restarting Toon Boom to no avail.

Take a look at your example you are looking at the position of the blue pivot which is the temporary pivot associated with an instance of the transform tool. If you switch back to the rotation tool you will see the green pivot the actual pivot point has not moved its position relative to the red peg circle this appears to be a refresh issue and not an actual movement of the real pivot point. When you switch back to the transform tool the blue pivot and the green pivot are in sync.


Just to wrap up this thread, it looks like my use of the camera view to draw in is what’s causing this particular headache. The pivot point is doing what it’s supposed to, it’s just that the drawing isn’t centered to the stage like Toon Boom expects it to be.

Thank you JK, for the insight.