Flip the view

Hello, I draw a lot of graphic and one of things I find very useful is quick flipping the view horizontally which is just as useful as rotating the view. I think it would be a great addition to the program

Hi Miu3,

I agree with you that this would be a great feature.

In the meantime you could link all your drawing layers to a peg on which you do the scale inversion.
The method that I use at present is: create a helt key of the X-SCALE with the value 100 on frame 1 on create a second key somewhere else with X-SCALE at -100.

Then I do the flip mirror check by jumping between these two keys.

It depends on what you are drawing and whether you just want to see the art from a different perspective but you could also use the Flip Horizontal button in Drawing view or Group Selected Layers and use the Flip Horizontal button in Camera view.

It flips the artwork rather than the view of the artwork but it is a simple option as long as you maintain awareness of what is happening.

Of course it will not always be practical.

A working example of this feature implemented in a software is the ‘M’ key in KRITA.
It mirrors the drawing workspace without ‘physically’ applying the flip transformation to the image layers.

It would, indeed, be great if that was implemented to TB Harmony.

The OP’s description was clear enough. It is a common feature in visual design software. I was just offering a way to see objects flipped horizontally as things exist in the current version of Harmony.

Hi o0Ampy0o,

Miu3’s initial description of the requested feature is absolutely clear and I added the KRITA example as I was glad having stumbled upon an implemented example of that feature in action.

I was not reacting to your post, which, btw, I apreceated a lot.

You offered a work around like I did as well. And I think that this is the only and best thing to do at present.

I was not aware that the feature was that common in visual design software. In any case I’d never seen it in Photoshop. The only way to do so in PS is to ‘physically’ flip the image, which is not that same thing as ‘virtually’ flipping the workspace like Harmony does for the view rotation and KRITA does for workspace mirroring.

I believe I have misunderstood the objective. Ideally there would be an option to flip for viewing purposes only, correct?

In Photoshop the Flip Canvas Horizontal is Photoshop’s implementation of the concept I had in mind. This is what is common to design software. I realize you must undo or flip it back eventually and that it is not just a flip for viewing purposes only. One is flipping the file content while the other is temporarily flipping the displayed image just to work on it and where it cannot be saved in the flipped orientation?

The flip for viewing only is in TVPaint as well.

Yes, in my opinion, a flip for viewing purposes only (but keeping the possibility to still work of course) would be best.

I didn’t know that TVPaint had this feature. That’s good to know.

Yeah this is one of the essential features I’ve been missing in Toon Boom since I started using it. I’ve also used the workaround with an extra peg, but just being able to flip the view would be much better.

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