Flip storyboards horizontally?

Hello! I’m working on a sequence where for about three scenes my character is running from screen right to screen left. I animated the position of some of my layers in most of the scenes. But now I feel it would work better if the character was running screen left to screen right. Is there a quick and easy way I can flip the imagery and motion of my boards horizontally? Or am I stuck with having to manually transform each image and rework the motion again?Thanks for your help! Much appreciated!-Erin

its not that easy - still no flip panel button - we still have to select all the desired layers in a panel to flip the whole image . We should also be able to select a range of panels in the time line and press flip panels button once to flip the selection . come on toon boom that’s a basic one isn’t it .?

Yeah. I discovered how to flip the images, which is awesome. But yeah, it would be extremely helpful for me to have an option to flip the images and layer motion horizontally for all the panels in an entire scene - having a horizontally mirrored setup for that scene.Thanks for the help and forwarding my request. The tools in Storyboard PRO 2 make my life so much easier and more efficient (I used to do everything in PhotoShop) and my clients LOVE the product I give them, especially when I’m able to give them animatics with layer motion. The only other option I’m not seeing (I probably should make this a separate topic) that I would like is to be able to do scratch VOs right into the software. Currently I have to record all my scratch track, convert it to .wav, transfer it to the folder I need it to be in on my computer, and then break it up into the cuts I like for the scenes. What would be AWESOME is if I could sketch out my panel, then click a record button where it would just record my voice from my computer mic and it would align the audio starting from wherever frame I’m currently on. Thanks again for replying, and I’ll make a separate topic out of my other request if you wish, or if this has been addressed elsewhere, could you send me the link? Thanks!-Erin

Awesome! Thank you so much!