flip horizontal...

i searched the entire forum for “flip” and “flip horizontal” and found nothing - so I am asking with advanced apologies for such a newbie question. I am very new to Solo and forced to ramp up quick to get some animation tests done for a big client gig - it’s an incredible program.
How can I flip elements on the stage? In flash there’s an Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal command for which I made a key command because I use it 50 trillion times in a day - but in TB, after an hour of hunting and pecking, I can not find anything to make this task easy.
I need the proverbial monkey wrench to the back of my head please.


Hi Mudbubble,

I’m not sure you have adressed your question in the right forum. If you are actually trying to flip a bitmap in Toon Boom Studio the only actual way to do it is to attach it to a peg and flip it with the transform tool. Since Toon Boom Studio is only vector based so far you cannot apply most of the Transform options on bitmaps such as TGA. Best way to work around the problem is most likely to run a script inside Photoshop to flip your images before importing them inside Toon Boom Studio.

If you are working on Solo you should foward the message to the Solo forum (but flipping bitmaps inside Solo shouldn’t really be a problem).

why, for parts of drawing elements, after selecting them, there is a feature in main menu:
tools > transform > flip horizontal

or am i missing anything? ::slight_smile:

no shortcut, alas…

thanks Gester,
to clarify, I am in the wrong forum posting an issue about Solo - so sorry for that. I am the one missing something, I can find the “flip horizontal” feature, in more than 1 place (toolbar, right click, etc) it’s just that no matter how hard I try, it doesn’t flip anything - not does flip vertical. It’s amazing how this one small detial has crippled me all afternoon. Anyway - I have moved my topic to the Solo forum.
Thanks for your effort.


i thought the menu would be similar to the studio one.
too bad you’re missing the functionality.

I needed to double click the main peg layer and select the “Scale” tab and then the “Separate” button. Probably the most unintuitve thing I have ever encountered. This I couldn’t find in the manual or the forum. Took me 1/2 a day to find it and now it is etched into my brain forever.
Uggh - still loving Solo but man, this was the biggest software hurdle for me in years.