Flip Horizontal (Edit multiple drawings)

Hi all. I am a fresh faced newbie to Animate Pro. Absolutely loving the bejesus out of it and the video tutorials help immensely. Alas though I have hit a snag. I am creating a mixed rig for a character and have done all the necessary work for it. But I have only drawn and rigged the front, left three-quarter, left side and the back of the character. Now this was done in hopes I could copy the work on the left sides and flip it for the remaining two sides. Is there a way to copy the frames for the left three-quarter and left side then flip them to create the right sides?

(I have tried copying all the frames and then pasting them further down the timeline and flipping them. But this seems to edit the original frames as well)

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Though I have the feeling I am just gonna have to suck it up and manually draw both the remaining sides and the extra drawings.

Thanks for your time.


I think what you want to do in this case is just flipping the Master Peg while you animate. You don’t need to rig views that you can mirror from another view. During animation you can select the Master Peg with the Transform Tool and click the flip button in the tool properties whenever you need the character to face the other side.
And another thing: If you copy paste frames they are indeed the same drawing. When you change the frame it will change everywhere in the timeline where it’s used. You could use the Timeline Toolbar and click on “Duplicate drawing” there to create a new drawing with the same content just unlinked from the original. Also there is a “Paste Special” function via the right click menu where you can select “Always create new drawings” to get unlinked copies.

Thank you very much for your swift reply. This information will help me greatly. Not to mention how many hours you have saved me.