"Flip Horizontal" and other issues.

There seems to be a bug or something with the “Flip horizontal” in Toon Boom Harmony 14. The timeline “flip horizontal” and the camera “flip horizontal” does the exact same thing. Both flips ONLY the active layer. It’s extremenly annoying. I do hand drawn animation, and flipping the entire drawing view (all layers) is extremely important. If I animate something that is dependent on another layer, (say smoke coming out of a chimney) I need to be able to flip both layers (the entire camera view). I heard there was supposedly a fix for this, but I cannot find it.

Second: Pressing CTRL makes all layers lose their faded out opacity. Its extremely annoying. I use a Logitech G13 gamepad, and a lot of my shortcut keys are bound to CTRL+ something. Every time I press a key, I get all layers flashing up and its really distracting. Is there somewhere I can turn off this function?

Thirdly: Is there any other animators here who does handdrawn animation and has any tips on how to make Toon Boom feel better to draw in? I ended up closing it yesterday in frustration over how “off” it seems. I feels so indirect and poorly designed for drawing. I really want to utilize Toon Boom but it’s really hard to draw in.

Cursor is not accurate. The line appears on the left horizontal line of the crosshair. Any fix to this?

Thanks for any help!

posted 2 weeks ago?

I posted a question yesterday, and the status of yours doesn’t give me much hope.

to be fair, this isn’t the proper forum for this sort of discussion, so it may not be hitting the right eyeballs. should be in troubleshooting…

funny, my feelings are opposite regarding drawing in harmony. these days, i feel like harmony’s drawing tools are one of its dwindling “trump cards” compared to other animation tools. i haven’t found a better and more “enjoyably” editable vector drawing response than what i get from harmony. i return to it for even static illustrations for large posters and stuff (that and the color control you have, esp. with the networking features). i don’t like vector drawing in adobe software, to me it feels as you describe your result in harmony. i used to draw/animate in flash for years, now going back to drawing in flash feels like garbage. illustrator just feels off (for drawing experience, it has many other super powers of course). harmony’s response feels to me very fluid and inky, especially when working with brushes but even the line tools now that they have more dynamics feel great to me.

i use a cintiq, so that helps (going back to intuos makes me feel quite “all thumbs” now, hard to get used to the separation again). but you definitely need to fine tune the smoothing and antialiasing and everything for your setup. bit of trial and error there.

  1. To easily flip everything for the camera view, bring in a Camera node and attach a peg to it
    (or do this directly in the Layer Properties of the Camera itself)…

    For the (x) Axis scale, enter -1 which should flip everything. (transformation tab of layer properties)

  2. Not sure I understand, how is opacity being “faded”

  3. Need more info on what specifically is causing you grief while drawing.

(“Edit” Question) This is generally caused by having multiple tablet drivers or preference files.
To resolve it, delete ALL tablet drivers and preference files and install the latest one.
On Windows it can be tricky top find all of them because they can be stored in a variety
of locations on the computer. It helps to do word searches for “tablet” and “wacom”

Following what rkriz said, you can also just click the Flip Horizontal-animation icon on top of your camera view once you have your Camera and a peg attached to it selected, which by default should be a layer called Camera-P. Select Camera-P, click the flip icon.

You can also select all layers (control+A on the timeline) and then click the flip icon, all individual layers properties will flip.

Selecting individual layers doesn’t work by holding control (at least not on version 12) - you can just select a range holding shift -, but you can select individual layers (drawing or pegs) via the Node view and then click the flip icon.

Apart from not being able to select random layers on the timeline pressing control this works quite well.

Luis Canau