Flip Boom Lite Windows 8 export to AVI or other video format.

Hi, I have Flip Boom Lite for Windows 8.
I’d like to export my animation to AVI, MPEG or other format in order to edit in other program. The app seems to only let me export to a Toon Boom file. I’m assuming I can export to video by opening this file in another Toon Boom program. Am I right? and if so, which program can I use to export the toon boom file to a regular video format. Can I do this with the paid version of Flip Boom for windows 8? I only have the free one. The info about Flip Boom is not that clear about file formats. It says it can export to MOV but I’m not able to find this function in the actual app.


In full version, you can export .MOV file via the Share (hit the publish icon), then chose between Mail or Skydrive

Cool! thank you, sir. I wish i didnt have to email myself in order to export but this will do until i find better software.