Flip Boom Doodle

I know Flip Boom Doodle is not longer supported, but I still use it to teach young kids. I would like to know what’s the newest Mac OS system Flip Boom Doodle will run properly. Because with the latest It doesn’t run properly or not at all. - Thank you -

I have Flip Boom Doodle,but I do not have license.what do I do?


Indeed, there is no further development on the Flip Boom family, but I would say that the latest official system requirements used for Flip Boom Cartoon are most likely to fit Flip Boom Doodle:


We have not done any official testing on the latest OS.

What was the last OS you had it install on and was running properly? What are the glitches you have when you say it doesn’t run properly on the latest os?

Mac OS X

• OS: Mac OS 10.5 or newer
• Processor: Intel®
• Memory: 512MB
• Additional: Internet connection for activation
• Memory: 1GB
• Monitor: 1280x1024 resolution