Flip Boom Bug

I don’t think there’s a Flip Boom forum so I shall post this issue here.

A visitor to my site asked me today about a clipping issue that Flip Boom is doing to his animation. The available drawing space is not being directly translated to the height and width of the exported animation, regardless of which publishing format is chosen.

Notice how the green and red on the edges of this drawing:


…simply aren’t exported when published:


The result is an animation that is clipped around 20 pixels on the left and right, as well as about 5 pixels on the top and bottom.

Even though this application is intended for children, certainly this was not intentional and merits correction.

I hate not having a good answer for a visitor to my site, but I couldn’t think of anything except “resize each frame manually”. If there’s a better idea I’d love to hear it.

Hi Will,

Thanks for the report, we are looking into this and it will be fixed in the upcoming version. I guess the only other way to get the thing showed properly would be to export in swf and to extend the swf zone through html though this is quite complicated for people that don’t really know how to code.

In any case you can be assured that it will be fixed.

Best regards,