Flip Boom All Star Problems


First of all, can I talk about Flip Boom All Star here? I don’t see any other forum dedicated to it.

If so, I’m having a problem with it. Got it a few weeks ago for my daughter. Unfortunately, it’s been crashing constantly. My computer meets the specs for the software, plenty of RAM, Windows 7, etc. It crashes when we try to save, (although it does save), it frequently crashes when we add backgrounds, sometimes it just crashes randomly, and tonight it finally decided it didn’t want to open at all, it crashes upon opening.

The computer itself works fine, no crashes with any other software.

I have tried reinstalling the software. Nothing changed.

Any help would be appreciated. When it works it seems like a perfectly fine program, but with all these crashes it sure doesn’t make me want to purchase anything else in the Flip Boom family.



If you have not done so already, you can contact support@toonboom.com for some help with your problem.

Hi Simon,

I contacted support a week and a half ago and regret to report that I have received no response. Not even a “we’ve received your note.” Ever the optimist I will try again.

Thanks for your suggestion.