In V3 - When I export to quicktime I get a flicker in the animated character…anyone know what I’m talking about and how to remedy it?

thanks everyone!

It would be difficult to tell what is causing this just from a description so you probably should provide a link to a sample. Flickering can be caused by many things which can be internal to your animation itself. For example if you have character animation that is drawn with significant variations in line quality, those variations can cause your lines to flicker. The cartoon series Ed, Edd, and Eddie is famous for this effect as part of their overall style. Also camera movements can produce flickering when you have things moving at different rates of speed in a single shot. For example, your camera is panning at one velocity and your background or foreground objects are zooming or panning differently or you are trying to make too significant a change in scale or other attributes over too few frames using tweening. But again without a sample it is difficult to know what you are describing. -JK