Flattening to Imported Images

I have a drawing I imported from a toon boom library into a new project. The original drawing was creating in another toon boom project a few days ago. I want to add brush strokes to the original drawing, to create and entirely new drawing, and then flatten the whole thing so I can smooth the new brush strokes into the old ones by deleting various nodes.

The problem is - the ‘new’ brush strokes won’t flatten to the original artwork. How do I get the two lines to flatten together? One line from a drawing placed on the stage from the library, and the other line added fresh.

No drawings are grouped, and I’ve selected everything and ‘send to back’ to make sure they’re all on the same ‘level’. This is in the ‘drawing’ mode, so of course everything is on the same layer.

Any tips would be appreciated. And if it’s something that can’t be done, just let me know! :slight_smile:

The items need to be the same color ID. When you imported your drawing, a new palette was probably created to avoid changing its colors if you change your project’s palette.

You can use the color picker to select the color of the imported drawing and then you can draw and flatten them together.


Excellent! works perfectly!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!