Flattening over a range

Hey there Animate-ers! I have a large (mostly) traditionally animated project and am going through each frame, flattening and then converting to colour art before I start painting. Is there a way to flatten all my frames in a layer or over a range? Same with converting to colour art. It would save me a ton of time - I’m looking at a 500+ frame scene largely on ones!

Thanks Lilly - seems to be working with a few exceptions (occasionally a flattened drawing will be broken into 2 or 3 sections). I’m working with Animate Pro2, is the Apply to Multiple Drawings function not available to Animate2?

Are you using Animate 2 or Animate Pro 2? Make a permanent selection with your select tool, then select “Apply to Multiple Drawings” button in the Tool Properties window, then click the flatten button and this should work on all drawings.

Same thing for the Create Colour Art from Line Art. Make a permanent selection, “Apply to Multiple Drawings”, then click on the convert from line art to colour art button. Make sure your focus is in the camera view when you do so.

Hope this helps!

Toon Boom Support

It should work both in Animate 2 and Animate Pro 2, but not with Animate or Animate Pro 1.

If it sometimes doesn’t flatten things together then it usually means that they are either pencil and brush lines, which can’t flatten together, or they were coloured with two different colour pots. You know that you can create as many black colour pots as you want, for example, and if you paint two brush strokes with two different colour pots, even if they’re the same RGB value, they won’t flatten together.

Hope this clears things up.