Flatten lines!

Hello all!, I’m using Studio 4.0 on a mac. I’m drawing with a tablet using the brush tool to get thick and thin lines, once my character looks the way I like it I ended up with tons of lines that I don’t want, so I select the drawing and go to tools, flatten and everything gets cleaned up.

The problem is that I’m getting some leftover elements and if you zoom in or try to use the paint bucket you get weird results (i.e. white spots, not a solid outline).

Is there any other way to clean up a draw once is done? I really want to keep a thick and thin organic look, usually I draw my characters in illustrator and import them to TBS, but it takes longer and it looks too stiff…

Thanks for the help.


OK looking for a solution, I downloaded the PLE of Animate PRO, WOW! the drawing tools are amazing!!!

That’s what I need, oh! and save enough to buy it!

Are the drawing tools the same on Animate than on Animate PRO?

Thanks for the help’



The drawing tools are pretty similar between Animate Pro and Animate. Animate does not have the texture pen feature.

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