flatten layers

hi everyone !

I would like to flatten en few layers of my animation.
I drew diferent parts on diferent layers because it was easyer then; but now that all the outlines are done and timed, I need to flatten everything so it can be easyer to work with and so that I can add the color. I’ve searched for a way to make a single layer out of two but I can’t find it. does anyone know where it is?

no one knows how to flatten layers? or even knows if it’s possible or not ?

Feliz: I’m not a pro by any means however I have done what you want to do. Choose a layer that you want to have as your main layer then simply switch to one of the other layers and cut the drawing, then switch back to the main layer and paste it.

There are definate advantages for keeping things on different layers.

The flatten command on the menu actually only works on items in the same layer.

Hope this helps…