flatten footage

Hello, I´m absolutely new here… I tried to find out if someone asked
my question befor… but didn´t find anything.

I just bought TB animate cause I know “studio” and wanted to get a more
powerfull software…

I´m a little shocked that its not possible to scan from this program…
and a little disappointed that I can´t turn layers as I know from AfterEffects
(ok this is possible in Pro…) but I really miss the scanner.
I know it was possible in studio.
But what really scares me are things don´t work… easy things … sometimes
work sometimes not… Shure it´s new for me but I´m really used with such
kind of software…

OK here is the question:

I just want to flatten a brandnew fill with its outline…
I draw a line… I fill it with the same color… I select both in cameraview
… I try to flatten them… nothing happens!!! in studio it´s so easy…
But the strangest thing is… : I tried it maybe 30 times… and 3 times
I succeeded… and don´t know why, and can´t reconstruct it.

Please help!!!

I just talked with DBS my german dealer about crossupgrading to Pro … only to be able to scan and turn layers…
But at the moment I´m just angry…;))

Thanks to all



We would need to get more detail on the exact steps you are taking to do the flatten and also what you are trying to flatten together?

Also make sure to post your request in the appropriate forum in the future (since this seem to be related more to Animate then Pencil Check).

Best regards,


Hello Ugo, nice to hear from you…
In the meantime I found out that I misunderstood the meaning of
"flatten". I was used to get the lines and the plains merged together
in the same step… But merging is an extra step (remove extra strokes)
in Animate.
There are little things I still can´t understand… but I think I will find
out in future…


I draw some crossing lines with the brush… in camera mode…
then I fill some plains.
Then I do the same thing in drawing mode…
then back in camera mode I select both and push the button: flatten
(even if that makes no sense)
But then the selection reduces on the drawing I made in Camera mode.
There must be a difference in drawings made in the different modes…?
Such things are astonishing to me … I still don´t understand it.

Bat all around I learn to use that program and find out much advantages…
So, thanks for answering… it´s good to know that someone is
reading what I write!

best regards


Hi Harald,

One little suggestion I may have for you:

Try only working in the drawing view when you want do flattening and use the select tool instead of the brush.

This should do the trick.