Flatten Art Layers

I only found a 5 year old post that didn’t really solve the problem. I have to finish the cleanup animation of another animator, but he used all 4 art layers of his drawing.
Is there a way to flatten all layers to say the Line Art Layer without having to copy paste all of it frame by frame?
(working on harmony 16)

Thanks :slight_smile:


I just want to let you know that there is an updated version of the art layer script now.

Check it out here:



Ok you want all artwork into one artlayer so you can edit it there.
Maybe a script can do this but I dont know how to do this script, unfortunately.

Thanks for the quick response!
The first method would work with multiple drawing layers , not the art layers. But even then, i noticed when i try to copy paste using “apply to all frames” or “apply to onion skin range” it will paste the artwork of the whole range on every drawing (every drawing becomes a mess with 20 characters in it)

The second method is the one i already use, but still tedious if you have to retake someone’s scene by “flattening” 200 or more drawings :confused:

I guess if there isn’t a script to solve the problem, i will just have to tell the clean up artists to use their art layers properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello StephanL,

Our training team has offered the following advice for you:

“You should be able to copy and paste from 4 layers to one layer by using the select tools tool properties, “Apply to visible layers” & “Apply to all frames/onion skin range” you should be able to get all the layers and the frame range they want. This is a new feature for H16”

If the above does not work for you, here is another possible workaround from our staff:

“1. Get the select tool and click on apply to line art and colour art button, in the tool properties
2. Selects all his artwork on one frame and ctrl-x to cut it
3. UNCLICK the apply to line-art and colour-art button
4. Paste the artwork on the desired layer
This will fuse all art layers on the chosen art-layer.”


I haven’t seen a feature like that.

Maybe best is to add another image layer on top and use as clean up layer.

would that work?

/ Mattias

You would still need to do some tedious copy-pasting, switching between the art layers (because there really isn’t any consistency, sometimes the body is on the underlay, the head on the overlay, and the next inbetween it could be reversed…). The lines are already clean and mostly need to be freed of overshooting lines.


Here is a script that almost do the job.
It can merge the artlayers but not all at once but maybe the author can do an update.


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Awesome! yeah i will have to do it for each art layer but this is still a massive gain of time, many thanks! :smiley:

I had contact with the script creator and he said it would not be a big thing to add a merge all layers- feature.

But I dont know when he will do it.

Great that this helps in your process.


Now a merge all is added to the script.

I havent tested it yet myself but will soon.

I asked the creator if you could use it on many frames in one go but I thought it might feeze the software so he would not recommend this.

I hope this helps you !

/ Mattias

Awesome! Thanks a lot, I will test it too as soon as I get another messy scene :slight_smile: