Just read that Adobe is dropping Flash and being new to Animate don’t really know what if any impact this will have?

Interesting. It appears they are dropping the mobile part flash but will continue to support the browser versions.

I don’t blame them not being able to access the ios market was killing their efforts.

It seems they are working towards html5, I have read toon boom is doing the same thing. However html5 has a number of limitations currently which will somewhat hinder development.

I don’t see how this really effects Animate users. Personally I never exported to flash anyway, but those that do will still be able too. I don’t believe anyone was using Animate via flash to develop for mobile platforms.

Yeah. Another Flash is dead rumour.
Actually it is the Flash plugin for mobile they are dropping support for.
I believe the newer versions of Flash compile to native Android and I -pad apps.
There is also nothing else that will allow you to author interactive animation out there.
HTML5 is pretty limited compared to what Flash and Silverlight can do.

It’s only abandoning further development of the Flash player for mobile devices in favor of HTML5.

This will only affect you if you produce content in native swf. For animators, you should be producing your content in video format anyway so it really shouldn’t affect your ability to continue to create awesome animations work.

For people producing games and other forms of interactive media, Flash (the IDE) can already export to HTML5 on a limited basis but I expect it will become more powerful in the next release for such work.

I think you’ll find in the short term this doesn’t mean much. Already many mobile devices didn’t support Flash, so it doesn’t change anything from that point of view.

What this does change, however, is the wave or the movement for the future. Currently, a lot of websites are using Flash to make them look more funky or cool or interactive. These Flash sites won’t play on a lot of mobile devices, so you’re not able to reach everyone when you publish in Flash format. Same thing for Flash games.

So I think the wave for the future will be that everyone will move towards using HTML 5 to create those cool websites and to make games. This means that most people will probably not focus on getting their animation from our products into Flash, but rather they’ll want to make sure that they can get the animation from our software to HTML 5.

But as The Raider said, it’s going to take a while before this will happen. First, they have to finish actually writing the HTML 5 format. Then, they have to make sure everyone’s browsers are updated (and there’s no way to really force people to update their browsers, so this might be tricky).

The only thing that I’m not sure of how this will impact is the viewing of Flash Videos. A lot of sites that stream video will stream it in the Flash Video format, which is quite light. These videos also often don’t show on mobile devices - so we’ll need to find an alternative format for this. Quicktime may perhaps be a solution but I’m not sure whether those videos would play on mobile devices. Perhaps other formats might crop up.