Flash-to-Harmony export extension not working.

Every time I try to export a file from Flash cc or Flash CC 2014 I get the following error message: “At line 621 of file Harmony.jsfl TypeError: this.swfPanel is null”. Any ideas?

Can you describe this in more detail using different words?

You say “…export FROM Flash…” => if you are using Toon Boom software you would not be exporting from Flash you would be exporting from the Toon Boom software.

Do you mean you originally created something in Flash, imported it into Toon Boom software, worked on it there, and now are trying to export this Toon Boom project with Flash origins?

to export a Flash file in Toon Boom’s native format. The extension is called Export to Harmony.zxp. So I can open my Flash animation in Harmony. I get the same error message each time.

Wouldn’t that be an Adobe support issue?

Toon Boom wrote the extension, they should know what’s causing the bug. Same with someone writing a Photoshop plug-in.

I think that the last version of Flash where the methods were made public was Flash 6 (pre CC). Any newer feature of Flash used in the project will likely be difficult to interpret for any non-Macromedia software using the SWF format.