flash (swf) renders problem?


just started using this program and finding it is very nice!

after doing a quick test to get my feet wet i tried rendering a flash file
and it seems to be rendering a mix between “stage” view and “camera”

ie: some layers look correct but other layers that have been moved in 3d space have reverted to a “facing” camera (as if to draw on) state.

i would like to use flash as a preview render but cannot solve this problem

help appreciated



so i tried another time to move drawings(for backgrounds) around in 3d space and rendered out flash movie and still get a bad render.
so far not really working for 3d space when doing flash movies.

posting this for reference. info i got from support

“The main issue remains that in the last version of Flash where Adobe
made the interface public, that the layering information does not support
3D well (for Flash export). So all this to say that it is generally better to
use a different movie export format where that 3D features are used a
lot (especially in combination with cutters and special effects).”

rendering in Quicktime works