Flash Shortcuts (Zoom In/Out Problem)

While sometimes the shortcut CTR+Z stops working and/or works only on my tablet’s pen’s barrel buttons, sometimes the Z - zoom out shortcut doesn’t work and I have to restart the application for it to work again. Can that be fixed?

well i can zoom in fine, x works, but i guess it has something to do with ctrl+z, having ‘z’ as part of the shortcut. i’m not using any other commands. I’ll look into what tool I’m currently using when it occurs.

Ive noticed that sometimes certain shortcuts play up too. A little while ago I posted about how I couldn’t move an object in small increments to the right when using the Animate Pro shortcuts. I was never able to get it to work so I just started using the Flash shortcuts. I’ve noticed that when I open AP I still can’t move an object to the right unless I go into preferences, change from the Flash shortcuts to the Animate Pro shortcuts, exit preferences, go back into preferences, change back to Flash Shortcuts and then voila! It’s working again.

We can investigate the problem. Do you have the same problem when you use Toon Boom shortcuts, or only with Flash shortcuts? Is the problem intermittent or is there some command in the application that you’re using when they stop working?

You do have the focus (red outline) around the window that you want to zoom in/out of, right?


Ctrl+Z is probably hard-coded for Undo, which may be the conflict here.

How about next time it happens, email support@toonboom.com and see if they can help.