Flash Reg Trying TB

I’ve been using flash for about 3 years now and just picked up the TB trial, now at a glance, this thing looks similar to flash, but after I clicked around a bit, I realized I was going to need help.

I figured out how to FBF, but everything else right now is kinda in the dark…

My Questions:

Camera Movement?

I know that there are ways to guide the image across, and for the camera movement I can’t figure this out either. I don’t know how to pan or zoom, Im assuming that if I figure out tweens, then this will kinda fix that problem too.

Thanks for your help…

Check out my blog, particularly these articles:



These will help you get started, and just ask lots of questions as you go. -JK

Cool thanks for the articals, I think i’ve got it figured out now, So I’m guessing Digital Pro, is different from Toon Boom Studio? I noticed that Digital Pro has a lot of the features that Studio doesn’t…


Toon Boom Studio and Digital Pro share a good amount of concept but in the end they are indeed quite different. Digital Pro offer advanced bitmap effects, a network allowing advanced rigging, advanced vectorization and many more other features that will help you increase your efficiency.

This being said for some projects Toon Boom Studio may fit your need so you may want to try both to define which would fit your need better.

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Now I’ve been watching a lot of these promotional clips, and I noticed that one of the promotions showed a “glue” effect, as well as character modeling, ( like ragdoll physics ) Is this in Stuido, or only Digital?

I’m still trying to figure out the program sorry if these questions or redundant.


The glue is a features specific to Digital and Harmony. This being said it is use quite a lot of memory from your machine so it is not a universal fix for every situation, even though the feature can be quite useful in certain situation.

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