Flash or Premiere pro to Storyboard pro?

Hi! I am a guinea pig for team in that we are switching to toon boom, from animate CC. Our team is 3 animators, the other 2 are still in flash while i do a test run for the current episode. Right not one of the animators has the episode storyboarded in flash, and exported as an MP4. My question is… is there any way to import his boards from flash to storyboard pro, so that i can automate having the scenes exported for harmony? I also took it into premiere and cut the scenes up, thinking that I could import the XML, which ALMOST worked, but each cut just starts the MP4 over, so its kind of useless. What is the best way to do this, or am i on the right track, just dont have something set up correctly?


still no ideas for this? Are they really so far away from each other compatibility wise?