Flash F6 command in TBS?

Is there a feature in TBS similar to Flash’s F6 command, where you use one shortcut to COPY a cell and PASTE AS NEW OBJECT in the next cell. I’m getting frustrated clicking COPY from the timeline, moving forward one, then CTRL + SHIFT + V-ing. Yes I’m lazy but I love Toon Boom. Thanks in advance.

There is no Flash F6 equivalent hot key as of V4.0 of TBS. The equivalent can be done in three key strokes.

1. Place your time line red frame slider on the desired frame cell that you want to duplicate. Then execute a “set exposure to 2” command using keyboard short cut + <2>. This will give you two adjacent frames containing your currently selected cell.

2. Move the time line red frame slider to the second frame cell in this adjacent pair of frames by pressing keyboard shortcut and execute the “duplicate drawing” command. This will give you a new unique cell that is an exact duplicate of your initially selected cell and can be independently modified. This is the equivalent of the Flash . Note that to execute the “duplicate drawing” command you must right click and select the command from the context menu. But it is easy to assign a keyboard shortcut to perform this command as follows:

Assigning a Keyboard Short Cut
1. From the menu select Edit>Preferences
2. Select the “ShortCuts” tab
3. Under the “Category” select "Element Menu"
4. Scroll down to the “duplicate drawing” command and highlight it.
5. Click on the “None” button to allow yourself to enter your desired keyboard short cut. I just pressed to make it simple for me to remember this short cut but it is a personal choice.

So the sequence becomes
+ <2> , ,

You will find this to work easily and soon it will be very natural. I hope this helps you. -JK

Thank you.

umm, isn’t this just ‘R’ (add exposure)

as seen in the menu: Element > Cell > Add Exposure

No. Adding an exposure simply extends the original drawing. If you alter this new exposure it will also alter all the previous exposures.

If you want to make a minor change to the original drawing, you need to copy & “Paste New Object” or just “Duplicate Drawing.” This will create a copy of the original drawing that is not linked to it and therefore any edits you make will not affect previous drawings.

Oh, yes, I see the subtle, but vital, difference there! Thx.