Flash CS 4 with BONES

In new Flash CS 4 Pro: "Inverse kinematics with the Bones tool
Create chain-like animation effects with a series of linked objects, or quickly distort a single shape using the new Bones tool."

Great. But what will happen with TBS? Will the next version have bones, too?

Can TBS read the new swf-files and will there a new exporter from TBS to the new Flash?

TBS 4.5 does not use Inverse Kinematics; it simply imports the swf as it was exported from Flash.

The Toon Boom Professional software suite has its own Inverse Kinematics Tool (IK), which is not a TBS feature.

Once the next Flash version is released, we will then be informed on its .swf usage with TBS


Adobe appears to have a done a great job updating animation in Flash CS4. I may consider going back to Flash over TBS for some my animations now. The bones in Flash CS4 is just one of the cool new features I was really expecting TBS to have by now. TBS maybe limited so it doesn’t overlap with Digital Pro, but maybe now with Flash adding bones TBS will finally gain inverse kinematics.