Flash Based App?

It says that TB is based on Flash. I use Toon Boom Studio 5 at our work computer and I know it generates flash movies of animation projects. I want to be able to work at home so I’ve bought a version 5 TBS for my Mac Book Pro Intel computer in which Flash is not installed. Do I need to buy a $500.00 app to run Toon Boom?

No. TBS is not “based” on Flash, it is capable of rendering in the SWF standard output format which was created by Macromedia for Flash movies. TBS is stand alone. Have fun -JK

I can’t have fun. the app will not load–although all messages on screen say it installed and activated. But when I go to launch I am DENIED–repeatedly and frstratingly DENIED. This is the second day. Waiting for a intrepid ‘administrator’ to OK my e-mail address apparently–that’s the latest put off. How long will that be I wonder?

If these are not the flash based application then can you tell me what can be the other benefits of using this.

To run TBS, you need Quicktime installed on your machine.
To play swf files made with TBS, you do not need the Adobe Flash program, you just need the player: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

If TBS does not run, please send your license key to support@toonboom.com
Kindly mention your operating system and Toon Boom username.