.fla Export to Animate CC

Hello! I am a little new to Toon Boom Harmony Premium but I love it so far! I’m a college professor and am teaching the software at the universities this semester, so I’m excited to learn and show my students what it can do!

I have been using Adobe Animate CC for most of my projects and most of my freelance clients use Animate, which leaves me with a question. Is it possible to export the Harmony file as a .fla, so the client could pick up in Animate CC? I can imagine there would be problems with puppets because the rigging system is frankly far more advanced in Harmony than in Animate, but what about frame-by-frame hand drawn animation, especially with a vector brush? Would it be possible to export it so that the client could color or alter the lines in Animate? I wouldn’t mind even if a third party plug-in was needed so long as it was possible. This will make a difference in the future if I get any projects that are cooperative but they only have Animate.

Thanks so much!

According to the documentation, export as .fla is not supported. https://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-15/premium/export/export-swf-movie.html

You can, however, export as .swf and use a third party program to decompile the swf into an .fla. The usefulness of the resulting file will likely depend on the complexity of the source. What you describe seems simple enough, perhaps you’ll have success with this option.