Fixing Mouth - Mask/Override-Effect doesn't work in Symbols-Library


I have problem by making the “background” of the mouth transperent like it is described in the tutorial 9.11. (Fixing the mouth by using effects).

Generally everything works fine untill I create the templates of my character. From this moment I change the character’s mouth in the drawing substitutions-window, but the mask/colour-override doesn’t work anymore.

If I change the mouth it seems like the mask of the standard mouth is used.

See the pictures.

Really need help. Already spend days with this problem and couldn’t find a solution.


I’m not an expert on this, but my first thought is that you’d need it to be drawings not symbols. It’s been awhile since I watched that tutorial but that tends to be the answer to a lot of problems when symbols are involved. good luck Elisabeth!

Unfortunately, that’s not the problem. Everything is a drawing.I think the thread is in the wrong topic - i moved it to the "Technical Support"So this one here can be closed.

As you already have seen, i found the problem, 'cause of this great support forum. :)Thanks again!

When you are swapping your mouth, do you have a new mask drawing for the new mouth drawing? Are the mask and the drawing on separate drawing layers?

It can help if you add a screenshot of what the effect looks like in the network view, and what the colour override module shows.