*FIXED* Harmony blocked from accessing Graphics hardware?


I’ve been using my fully bought Harmony 14.0 Essentials for about a year or two. I got a new desktop computer probably around August, much better than my old Toshiba laptop.
It’s worked perfectly fine up until now. There’s always the occasional crashing if I had too many programs up or fed the program too much information at once. But just now, I got a big problem.
After Harmony suddenly froze and crashed, a notification appeared saying this-

Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware.
Application HarmonyEssenti has been blocked

…I really don’t know how to unblock something like that, so please help! I have some projects that do have a due date at some point!

Please help! Thank you!


ToonBoom Harmony 14.0 Essentials (fully bought)
DELL desktop computer
Windows 10 (the computer came with it)

Anyone else with this problem, here’s the answer:

Sometimes it goes away by itself. If it continues, or not, I recommend going over to Device Manager-Display adapters, and updating your Driver Software.