Fishing Line

I have a cut out guy sitting on a dock fishing. When I raise the pole to cast out the line, this is what I did: First I made the pole as one element and the fishing line as another element. I raise the pole up to cast the line out. I make a keyframe for the fishing line at the top of the arm movement. Then I am transforming the fishing line so that the line is longer and moves toward the ground. Then I make a key frame where the line comes to rest after being cast out. Then I check the frames where i raised the arm and cast out the line, but when I look at this, the line goes from on the line to far from the pole and not attached and then when the line is cast out the line comes back onto the fishing pole. So, I am not sure why the fishing line does this? I believe that I have been moving scene rotational pivot point to where it needs to be. Any ideas will be appreciated.

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