First walkcycle made in Toon Boom

Please, give me feedback. :wink:

thanks a lot!

Cute character.

Did you intend it to be fast?

I think is too fast (but i think Alex’s one is too fast and your a similar pace to him).

For me if your going to go that fast you should run because it is more expressive.

Yeah nice character. I guess we both need to find a way to slow our characters down a bit. This is fun.

I ended up motion tweening on every 7th frame. seems to have slowed him down.
Maybe you can try that Tzar, or if you find a better way lemme know ;D
We are in this together.

I dont know if it is just me but, when you have it Animate, it does not seem as fast or jerky as when you export it to video.

Firstly, thanks guys for your comments!

actually, it seems faster, because really it is so. This kind of walking is done on 8 frames = 3 steps a second and it is known like slow run or cartoon walk, according to the book “The Animator’s Survival Kit”, by Richard Williams. I highly recommend this book! I figure that depending of goal it can work or not. There are a thousand of walk’s patterns and our main issue is finding the better to the job or character. The ideal is to know all patterns and then invent others.
Look at the page that talks about this in the link below:

funny you say because I also have the same impression that become faster when we export it.

Once more, thanks folks!

yeah I know about different walk speeds.

A normal human walk is about 0.7-0.8 second. So your going over twice as fast as a normal human walk.

It does totally depends on your animation and style, but personally for me I would prefer to run when going that fast because it is much more expressive.

Note: i agree a cartoon walk is normally faster than a human walk but your taking it to and extreme.

Please do not get me wrong …
When I cited some examples I just wanted to explain why I did that way.
I am self-taught and am still getting the art of animation, but I always liked to draw.
Since I am new here in the forum, still do not know the knowledge of each and just wanted to share some information that I found reading the book, because when I had questions, you quickly helped me. I thought perhaps it could be useful to someone.
Possibly not native language, I could not express myself very well.

Thank you and hug!

I didn’t take offense. I was just stating my point of view (which isn’t always right!) and trying to be somewhat helpful ;D

No man! Really!
I was not offended and you were helpful as always with me!

By the way, I’m waiting for your new tutorials!

please, see if it got better.


Note: Folks, I asked directly to TheRaider because he already was helping me, but all comments are welcome, ok? :wink:

You fixed the speed. The only thing I notice is the feet bounce when he plants them. Did you intend to do that?

If not, the reason they do that is that they are not aligned or placed in the same spot on all occurences. I had that problem and then used the onion skin just on the foot and made sure they where lined up in the same exact spot.

Personal preference of mine would be to smooth out that elbow when it folds foward.

You’re sure!

I gonna try to fix that.


I liked that. Looks like a Mr Men character now if he waved to us!

That is a good stroll speed, you might want it a little faster if your actually trying to get somewhere.