First time with Harmony. Problem black screen

Hi! I have been trying the toomboom a bit to learn

When zooming with the mouse wheel, the screen or what would be the viewport in Autodesk Maya blinks me and over time (or as I add elements) the blinking becomes more common and is more time making it very difficult to work, even without zoom in just by moving the mouse … There are moments when the screen stays black for a long time.

What can be? Any of the performance settings? It’s a notebook that holds Autodesk Maya 2017 pretty well, so I should not have problems with that.
Notebook MSI 12GB Ram, i7, Windows 10

Thank you so much!

This is an issue that has happened a lot recently, make sure Toonboom is using a proper graphics card (Nvidia or AMD, for example), some laptops have dual graphics, the onboard Intel and an additional chip. Intel cards below Intel HD Graphics 4000 are not suitable for toonboom.

You can check your system requirements here:

Hello scardario

You gave me the idea to check the Nvidia graphics drivers, which are not updated with Windows … And for now it’s working. OMG !
For now it works without problems.

Thanks for your time!!!