First time SBpro user, issue with the trial version

I’ve never installed or used Storyboard Pro before in my life. I made an account, downloaded and installed the trial version, followed the instructions and the screen showed my trial would be valid until Aug 24 2022.
However when I then open Storyboard Pro, it gives a popup screen stating ‘a trial has already been installed, A second trial for this software cannot be activated’.
Have tried several things but keep getting this result.
Does anyone know how to resolve this issue? Much appreciated!

I’ve actually just found the solution myself, but will leave this post up here for anyone who might have the same issue. Out of all the posts I saw on here and through google, none seemed to have gotten an actually helpful response. So hopefully this can help someone else.

The solution was embarrassingly simple: Right click the app and choose ‘Run as administrator’. And tadaa, it opens and runs perfectly. (This is on PC, not Mac)

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