First attempt at Frame by Frame

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at frame by frame animation. The animation was created in Toom Boom Studio.


As always. It’s interesting how you managed to maintain the same look and feel of your animations created in Anime Studio. Are you liking frame by frame any better than point animation, or is it still too early to say?

Took me a while to get into fbf, but it’s way more rewarding and gives you so much freedom compared to cut-outs!

That was so cute!

hi guys Can I share some of my work ؛-): Hope you like it

If this is your first attempt at FBF? then somehow you started in the middle! You should see my first attempt. I wish I still had my first attempt … actually I do, but the only way I would show that was in a lift or death situation. I’d have to say great job, if not because you told us it was your first attempt I would have never suspected as such.

Thanks so much for the compliments.

So Why no one responded to my work here thank u so much : ((:frowning: (: :frowning:

Probably because you posted the same work in many people’s threads instead of starting your own thread.

If this is your first attempt, you are a natural.

Thank you very much Mark.