Fire effect

I need an fireeffect and i have one in swf…but it does not work realy good in Harmony 12, like I am expected that from adobe flash. How to get the SWF right i? It does appear as tpl and there is no flash effect at all. How to manage that or how to do an fireeffect in Harmony 12. I dont have any Library FX in my trial advanced. Is there som FX files I can uppload to try? I have not seen any option to import an Fl file in Harmony 12 from adobe flash CC 2014 there i did my fire effecft!

Harmony has an emitter module good for fire:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

User Jason Venus created a nice fire effect. Watching it might give you some ideas. He did it drawing frame by frame.

Here is another approach by Andy Powell:

Thanks so much for your support and links, I have to check them out!