Fine Control

Is there a hotkey or some way to get fine control when translating or rotating something in the Camera window?
Something similar to what Blender and Maya can do.
I’m using version 10.3.1

Thank you in advance.

Hello Morbott,

What exactly do you mean about fine control? Some suggestions I could offer are holding shift when translating or rotating something. This will allow a different level of control. You can also use the arrow keys to nudge the objects, which may also help.


Well… I noticed while trying to rotate something (using the transform tool) that the feedback was pretty choppy… instead of rotating to the place I wanted… I just had so settle for what was close enough. Both Blender and Maya have hotkeys for offering finer controls when translating or rotating, for when you need it. When precision is important.
Toonboom’s clunky translations and rotations are fine most of the time, but when you really need to get some detailed positioning, it feels a bit lacking.

Thank you for your feedback.