Finding the Overlay, Lineart, Colour, and Underlay buttons in Harmony Premium

Greetings, I just started using Harmony Premium and i`m building the mouth layer to my characters head from a Youtube video which calls for creating it in 4 stages using, overlay, lineart, colour, and underlay procedure. The problem is, in the tutorial, the animator is using an older version, Animate Pro which show the buttons. Please tell me where would those features be in Harmony?
Thank you.

The overlay and underlay options are not on by default. You have to go into Preferences, in the Advanced tab and make sure the Support Overlay and Underlay Arts checkbox is checked. Then those icons will be in the top right corner of your drawing and camera window. You will see an eyeball icon for preview all, and then layer stack icons with O, L, C and U.

Thank you, now I can continue with my character build, I greatly appreciate the help.

Hallo my name is David,I am new on Toon Boom studio 6.0.I need help on how to distribute layers and place pivots to a rigged part.
thank you in advance

Thanks so much! I couldn’t find it either. I’m using the Animate to Harmony Book by Adam Phillips.
It is somewhat outdated but still has helpful tutorials.