Finding Product Code

Hello, I wish to transfer my Toon Boom Harmony Essentials to another computer, however, the computer with the license activated on it has broke. As such, I am unable to generate a return request on previous computer, and I want to generate a email return request, but I am unable to find my product code. Where can I find my product code? I still have the invoice and access to the account which I bought the license on.

I had this exact same problem, contacting support now, crossing fingers–I needed to be up and running as of today…

Log-in to your Toon Boom Account / My Downloads / All your Software Licenses should be there.

It just shows that I have a subscription but I can’t see the license code. It also says I don’t have any permanent licenses found. My purchase is a subscription, not a permanent purchase of the app.

You should contact Toon Boom directly. This is a user forum. A rep has been spending more time here but you need their direct assistance on this one.

Curious, with a permanent license you can get the software up and running without going through the formal return process. There is a limit on the number of times this can be done. But it is in place for instances like yours where the system crashes. Have you tried doing it without returning the license? I have no experience with the subscription process. It may be impossible.