Finding layer by clicking object

When I’m selecting an object in camera view, its timeline layer becomes highlighted. But if this layer isn’t currently visible in the timeline window, I have to navigate to this highlighted layer malualy (scroling and searching in collapsed groups of layers). When project is complicated, it is realy hard to find proper layer. Is there any way to automaticaly display active layer in the timeline view by selecting object in the camera view?

Thank You very much

From the icon in the upper left corner of Timeline (the icon looks like a drop-down menu with an arrow pointing to the right) select View => Centre on Selection. There is a dedicated button for this in the Timeline toolbar. This toolbar can be customized if the button is not displayed.

Its keyboard shortcut is O but it is listed as Shift + O in the shortcut section.

Selecting a Layer => To centre on the selected layer in the Timeline: