finding keys

Hello i have a question.

i’m working with a complicated rig with tons of layers.
Many, if not most, layers are full of keyframes (which they got from parent layers)

when i am looking to eliminate a specific key, its like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

is there a way to hide all keys (and tweens) that are not doing anything?
and with not doing anything i mean that they don’t cary a value change on any of their parameters.

so i’d like a view option that would only show me “hot” keys.
such a view would save me tons of time in looking for my keys.

any suggestions are welcome.


When building these projects would it help to designate an exclusive color or colors for keys set manually by the user?

Can you suggest to others on your team that they use color to distinguish these keys?

I realize this does not help with existing projects.

But how can you “use color to distinguish… keys” ?
Do you mean to say this is an exsisting option in the settings?

Realise i have now only one month of experience and am still wrestling to get a grip on the software and the complexity of the rigs in use.

You can designate colors for each layer by clicking on the square in the left column of Timeline.

Setting a color for a layer… this doesn’t really help.
first you’d still need to do that manually, and second it doesn’t tell you anything about the keys on that layer.

what i need is simple:
Empty keys to be a different color.

This should not be hard to implement.
And it would be invaluable to speed up the proces of animating.
now i spend about 30% of my time looking for ‘real’ keys… its driving me mad

pop this up in the feature requests section. i agree, this should not be hard at all to implement, and i’d like to see it too. every key by nature is a little package of instructions, and thus should EASILY be able to have some kind of visible status as well.

toon boom has a lot to atone for with this year’s annual harmony version update after the v14 flop. your request is sane and useful, though like many feature and bug requests it isn’t likely to be recognized as you are a sole user and not a fat-wallet studio with a pile of license seats and enterprise support. still, do post in the feature requests, as it appears that this is clearly not yet anything you will find an answer for in the general discussion section.

…and you can quit the bumping. these forums move at a glacial pace so it’s not like your discussion is getting lost under a tower of other topics. i’ve stewed in my frustration over lack of satisfying responses to discussions here many times, it just isn’t a very active forum unfortunately.

Thanks a bunch Muchachotron!

This is about the first usefull reply in this thread i reckon.
Yes i guess i’m very much spoiled by the tvpaint forum.
And generally put off by Toonboom… by both its software and its lack of interest in users.
won’t be returning anytime soon.

Can anyone help me, maybe i posted this in the wrong Board?

i’m a TVPaint veteran and am still struggeling quite a bit with Toonboom
The production is working with v12.2.2
Does anyone have a tip regarding this issue?

The only thing i can think off is selecting the layers thats not doing anything on stage (or object), then going down to timeline and hitting O to go to said layer.

Hi Vrexus thanks for replying.

i’m familiar with the o short cut but that doesn’t help because from the rig i cannot see which element is animated.

The problem i am facing is that i see movements in the stage that i cannot locate easily in the timeline.
because the timeline is flooded with similar looking keys .

And most of these keys do nothing. apart from making sure off course that the corresponding node retains it parameters)
i would want to be able to just see only the keys that actually do make a change.
maybe the active keys could be colored green, or maybe we could get a toggle to grey out inactve ones.

so that it would be much easier to identify what key is responsible for a certain movement i see on my stage.
right know i’m spending about 70 pct of my time searching the active keys and this is not helping me getting into the flow of animating.

surely this request must have popped up before?

Maybe it would be easier to navigate on the timeline selecting the option ‘Selection Only Mode’, located on the lower left corner. When you select an element with the Transform tool (shift+T) you will only see that element on the timeline, nothing else. If you’re working with pegs you’ll have to click on the shortcut ‘B’ to go up one level. Does this help? Otherwise maybe you can provide a specific example.

Luis Canau

Hi Luis, unfortunately It doesn’t help because the keys displayed this way, on individual layers, stil don’t tell me which keys are real and which are ‘neutral’.

see the image in my first post.

of all these hundreds of keys only a dozen or so have their value set by me, al the others are automatically set and carry no information.

what i need is to see a difference between the “empty”/“neutral” keys (keys that only lock their value without having their value changed by me)
and the "set"keys (keys that carry a value change)

i’m guessing my problem is less common because the rig i have to work with is so complex
What is an average number of layers/nodes for an character rig?

Happy New Year everybody!

Trying to keep my new year resolution of not cursing Toonboom… but its not easy! :wink:
boy is this software giving me a hard time.

Does anyone have a suggestion on this key displaying issue,
and are there actual Toonboom team members active on this forum?