Final render (Vegas etc.)

I’m having trouble getting a final render out of Sony Vegas.

All of my .mov’s I rendered out of Animate2 play fine with windows and in the Vegas preview window during editing, but when I render out of Vegas I keep getting very blurry movement during playback.

match project settings (check)
video for windows(*.avi)
= HD 1080-60iyuv
I’ve played around with different frame rates, video formats and interleave settings but I keep getting the same blurry results.

What settings should I be trying?
This is not for the internet, however, I do want to post it at some point so if someone could pass me those settings too that would be awesome.


This was talked about in another thread. I gave my preferences in about the 7th post I believe. In any case, you may want to take a look at what everyone said. Perhaps the solution you’re looking for is there.;action=display;threadid=3669;start=msg17682#msg17682

Thats a great thread thank you… i searched but didnt find that one.

I ended up getting a good Vegas render as a .wmv, 6.4 Mbps HD 1080-24p Video, width 1920, height 1080 with a fps of 24. I rendered after matching the Vegas project properties to the .mov files and using intripalate fields as the deinterlace method.

The result looks great to me… no more blurry movement, and the quality of the picture looks very nice.

In your opinion, how does this method compare to your preferences from the other thread? If the difference is a slightly better picture quality, I think I’ll just stick with my method, beings is was pretty easy and I’m still a beginner. :slight_smile:

Well, I used to always use WMV for my renders. They looked great to me and the file size was small. But some friends of mine in the business of video production told me that WMV is a Windows based format and not so universally used or recognized. They recommended the MP4 format with the h.264 codec and doing the final renders as PNGs. So I figured they were the experts and that’s how I do all my stuff now.

understood. thanks