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Hello. I have created a few scenes in Studio 5. I can export each one individually to a Quicktime file. They look good (to my eye). Each scene has many cuts in it and each scene is saved as a separate project in Studio 5.

I want to make one long movie, though, not many snippets of the movie.

How can I merge the scenes together to create a single movie?

Also, how do I integrate the score? The dialogue is in sync with each scene, so that is fine. The music is not since I had to chop it up to put each piece in the scene. When I did, sometimes it is off by a fraction of a second.

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Just curious - why use multiple projects instead of having multiple scenes in one project? Or am I misunderstanding? Do you have multiple scenes and that’s what you meant by scene?


I would suggest using a video editing software to put your clips together. You can always leave off the music track and add that in with your video editor and then you will not have problems with syncing.

Looks like from another post that you’ll try using iMovie. Good luck!

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Just wanted to add a note. I think that I understand about the scenes - it takes a long time to render the whole project, which is a waste if just one scene changed. Putting them out as multiple clips makes sense.

I had been generating the single movie file, so GarageBand was working well for me. It imports a movie clip and you can do a lot with the individual sound tracks.

When I did what I think you’re suggesting and went to multiple movie files (one for each scene), I found out that GarageBand didn’t work so well. It allows only one movie clip.

Per the other suggestions, I tried iMovie. It was great for multiple movie clips but not so good on the soundtrack. I’m not sure why, but when I exported 60 frames at 12 frames per second as part of a movie (all scenes together), it ran 5 seconds. When I did the same as a single clip, it ran 4.9 seconds. So, the audio that I’d worked out in GarageBand drifted out of sync. iMovie doesn’t have the same support for audio as GarageBand, so I couldn’t get them back in sync.

But, things didn’t turn out so bad. I got to talking with some other guys and they recommended Final Cut. I’ll be giving that a try this weekend.


The problem with merging the clips after export is that it flattens out the scenes so you can’t do any camera pans from one scene to the next. You can only perform this process if the edits are basically straight cuts - then you can cross dissolve, dip to black, or perform any type of edit traditionally found in Premier or FCP or Avid.

But what if you want to merge the scenes together in order to blend them with a camera move or animation? How do you copy the layers from a previously created project into a new project?


I was playing around with the Quicktime export options and was pleasantly surprised that we could animated at one FPS like 24 in TBS 6 and then export to another such as 29.97 for import into FCP. It would seem to solve editing/compression rendering time that we we getting in FCP without re timing all of the animation.

Unfortunately, when we import into FCP, the clips remain at the original frame rate, regardless of the compressor chosen. Is there something I’m doing wrong to not get the frame rate conversion?

I wonder if FCP is looking at the meta data funny? What happens if you flip the TB .mov file back through QT (save as or export again) and then import the new QT version into FCP? I know it sounds silly, but sometimes FCP can be too smart for it’s own good.

Just a thought.

Have you considered After effects into any part of the workflow? I’m getting beatufil results from direct import of an swf from TB - and less render time all around.


FCP definitely reads the reexported exported file at 30 fps. This approach also adds a layer of compression that I was really trying to avoid but it plays in FCP at speed without render.

We don’t have AE so I don’t have a chance to test that approach. Maybe in the next round of upgrades.

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My suggestion if wanting to assemble your Toon Boom Studio projects in another software is to export all the frames as bitmap images (maybe TGA) and import them in that way. You could then also import your sound clips in and synch your project again.

Hope this helps.


Lindsay makes an excellent point. Export an image sequence, reassemble in FCP in the proper frame rate, then make a nested sequence in your timeline.

Also, maybe you need to take a look at your project settings in FCP? I know that they make it really hard to have different frame rates in the same project, and you can’t have different frame rates in the timeline. Once you put a piece of footage in there, the frame rate is fixed.

Revisit the imported qt in your project panel - I wonder if there’s a way to adjust the frame rate before you actually use it? I have FCP here - let me see what I can do.