Final Major

OK! so its the last big project of my btec media course. and i am choosing to do live footage or stills of a supermarket mixed with toonboom animation. does anyone have any tips on doing this? as this is all research.

Perhaps the most difficult part of mixing live action with animation is the challenge of matching points of view as well as perspectives. Unless you are a very skilled draftsman (person) then using stills will present less of an obstacle then moving background footage.

I normally like to gather the background pictures first and use them along with the storyboard to layout the action. If you are shooting pictures in a supermarket be very aware of the points of view and perspectives you choose. That way you won’t end up creating difficult drawing problems for yourself as you begin to animate. I actually suggest taking tons of extra shots of every background from different points of view so that you can have a better selection to match your needs when you are keying backgrounds to your work in layout. Also watch out for picking too complex backgrounds as they will distract from your foreground action. Extra thought in your background choices and picture composition will really help you as you are putting it all together. -JK